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Start building the next generation of dapp integration, today

Start building the next generation of dapp integration, today

The first feature being rolled out in the Flask environment is the much-anticipated MetaMask Snaps.

MetaMask Snaps is a way to make MetaMask more extensible for developers, giving them the opportunity to build new features into MetaMask.

MetaMask is the first wallet to provide the flexibility of extensibility to developers, paving the way to scale the range of features available to users and dapps.

Bring your APIs to MetaMask

Bring your APIs to MetaMask

MetaMask Snaps allows developers to build their own features into MetaMask.

No longer do you have to rely on MetaMask to roll out features and updates.

The rate of innovation, and MetaMask’s flexibility, are limited only by your imagination and your capacity to build.

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Try out a live snap with MetaMask Flask here

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Get involved with our Snaps developer community on Discord

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Jump in to the future of MetaMask with our Getting Started guide

To get started with Snaps Download MetaMask Flask

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