Advanced DeFi Compliance

Pre- and post-trade KYT risk assessment on smart contract addresses and DeFi pools

MMI Compliance Hero

Risk Management

Adjust compliance settings according to jurisdiction regulations. Manage multiple settings across international divisions to support global operations.

Risk Assessment

Analyze over 300,000 types of digital assets including major ERC standard tokens and stablecoins. Generate real-time reports that include risk status for all your digital assets.

KYT frameworks

Evaluate the behavior of interacting addresses. Identify risky behavior associated with money laundering, fraud, and corruption, while ensuring privacy around confidential transaction data.

Real-time Reporting

View trends, break down risk exposure levels, and investigate suspicious assets and transfers in deeper detail.


Set parameters for low, medium, high, and unacceptable address risk levels based on your internal compliance framework


Assign acceptable risk levels across a range of categories and subcategories such as fraud, cybercrime, and phishing


Seamlessly enable these risk 
settings on MetaMask Institutional


Continuously monitor an existing pool of addresses post-transaction


Obtain pre-transaction risk assessment on the addresses you interact with across all transfers 
and smart contract calls
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