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MetaMask Wallet API

Enable your users to connect and interact with their MetaMask wallets

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MetaMask Snaps

Customize MetaMask with your own features and extend your reach millions of users.

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Infura APIs

Connect the infrastructure and APIs that support MetaMask

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Faucet for Test ETH
Test and deploy with Linea

Deploy your smart contract on Linea's EVM-equivalent Layer 2 zk-rollup

Wallet Setup
Test ETH Faucets
Linea Apps Ecosystem
Use the Gas API to estimate and optimize transaction fees

The Gas API powers Metamask’s Gas Estimation feature. Learn how you can add it to your build for superior UX, cost savings, or lightning-fast transactions.

What are snaps
What are Snaps? A Developer Into

Snaps allows you extend the functionality of MetaMask. This video will cover what APIs are available to you, and how they can be used.

How to create a MetaMask Snap
How to create a MetaMask Snap

Get started with Snaps. In this video, you’ll learn how install MetaMask Flask, use our template, start development servers, and connect MetaMask to your own Snap.

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Two Exciting Updates to MetaMask Snaps
Two Exciting Updates to MetaMask Snaps
Here are two exciting updates to MetaMask Snaps, including reduced audit requirements and seamless auto-connections for dapps
Privote feature image
Privote: Coding a ZK Proof-Based Private Multi-Choice Voting Dapp
In this tutorial, we implement a ZK-based private voting system, Privote, in which no one can see the voters' choices until the voting has ended
5 Security Audit Tips from MSQ Snap and Consensys Diligence
5 Security Audit Tips from MSQ Snap and Consensys Diligence
This article results from a collaboration between Consensys Diligence and the MSQ project with support from DFinity Foundation and MetaMask Snaps DAO

MetaMask Developer Community Call April 2024

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MetaMask Developer Community Call January 2024

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MetaMask Snaps – Now in Open Beta | Community Call ft. Christian Montoya

MetaMask Snaps – Now in Open Beta | Community Call ft. Christian Montoya
Infura SDK


19 June 2023

  • NFT-000: hot fix for polygon #214
  • chore(v2.4.2): release version 2.4.2 #213
  • NFT-000: fix polygon url #212
  • feat: release version 2.4.1 #210
  • NFT-000: add integ test b3fb1f9
  • NFT-000: skip test ad51f17
  • NFT-000: fix url 7350ce7

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