Delegation Toolkit.
The quickest path to
your users' first aha
moment in web3

Delight your users with instant signups, zero pop-ups, and gasless transactions in your dapps
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Instant user onboarding

No browser extension wallet, mobile app or seed phrases to write down. No friction onboarding of users starting out in web3. Meet users where they are. Tailor exactly how and when your users create, authenticate and connect with your dapp.

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Innovate with Delegations to unlock new web3 experiences

Unlock new capabilities such as viral growth led by large scale peer-to-peer social coordination with incentive trees or recurring subscription payments that do not require the users to have their accounts connected to your dapp.
Open sourced, modular and backwards compatible.
Customize your next viral dapp with delegations.

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Build uninterrupted user experiences

Keep users immersed in your dapp. No more repetitive confirmations. No pop-ups. No more dapp-to-wallet app switches. Abstract gas fees > Take this further to postpone and reassign costs. Instant asset creation.
Automate and control precisely how many clicks your users take on your dapp.

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Build for the largest, most active web3 user base already on MetaMask

We’ve always had the most active and engaged user base on MetaMask. As you onboard new users with minimum friction, continue to build user friendly and feature rich experiences for MetaMask’s millions of monthly active users.

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Simplify your smart contract development

Stop writing custom delegation code in your contract, and let our flexible and general-purpose framework do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on the logic at the heart of your application. Up to a 95% reduction in smart contract code.

A toolkit to prepare for account native delegations

The Delegation Framework is open source and customizable. Implement it directly in your dapp or customize it further to suit the specific permissions and capabilities for your application.

Flexible account creation and user auth methods

Flexible account creation options, compatible with custom and burner EOA signers, 3rd party EOA signers, multisigs and passkeys. Supports a variety of onboarding and authentication flows such as QR code scans, invite links and email.

Flexible account recovery paths for your users 

The Delegation Framework is extensible and supports custom account recovery options. Recover your account by delegating to a friend or to a dapp. 

Innovative gas fee handling

A toolkit to help you build for an ERC-4337 compliant account. Works with any 3rd party bundler & paymaster. Delegation offers the added capability of gas deferral and gas-free, instant asset and account creation. 

Compatible with a wide variety of dapp platforms

Available in both Wagmi connector and custom Viem client libraries to make integration with MetaMask Delegator Accounts easy whether you are building a React project or in any JavaScript or Node.js environment. 

Supports all EVM Chains

MetaMask Delegation Toolkit can support any EVM chain, as long as there is a bundler to support userOps on that chain.

If you are in Brussels this week, did you get a chance to experience a game built with delegator contracts yet?

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“Who knew making web3 invisible could make it more powerful than ever?”

Dan Finlay
Founder of MetaMask wallet

Why MetaMask Delegation Toolkit?
How is the Delegation Toolkit different from other existing Embedded Wallet implementations?
What are Delegations?
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Can delegator contracts work with a 3rd party or custom signer?
Can delegator contracts work with a 3rd party bundler?
Can delegator contracts work with a 3rd party paymaster?
Which chains do you support?
Is there a cost to using MetaMask’s Delegation Toolkit?

Let’s talk about Standards

Give me a TL’DR on 4337
How are Delegator Accounts connected or related to EIP-4337 Accounts?
How are Delegations connected to User Operations?
How would Delegator Accounts fit in with EIP-7702?
Give me a TL’DR of ERC-7710
Give me a TL’DR of ERC-7715
Is the Delegation Toolkit built to ERC-6900 or ERC-7579 specs?
How about EIP-5792?

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