All You Need to Know About Builder Nights

Learn how the Builder Nights event series fosters collaboration among builders in the web3 ecosystem.

by Francesco AndreoliJune 24, 2024
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Builder Nights is an event series designed to drive innovation, foster collaboration, and strengthen community ties within the web3 and blockchain development ecosystem. Since its inception in 2022, Builder Nights has become a global benchmark for those passionate about decentralized technologies. These gatherings go beyond the conventional tech meetup format, focusing intensely on the people behind the projects.

Each Builder Night is curated to dive deep into the latest technologies, trends, and challenges in the web3 space. From insightful panels and hands-on workshops to informal networking sessions, the events are designed to encourage genuine connections, spur creative problem-solving, and showcase exciting projects.

Builder Nights values pillars

Our commitment to a shill-free, vertically-focused environment ensures that every discussion and interaction is enriching and relevant, creating a space where ideas can thrive without commercial pressures.

How Builder Nights fosters community

At the core of Builder Nights is a commitment to community-driven growth and innovation. Unlike traditional tech events that often prioritize flashy presentations and product pitches over meaningful discussion and collaboration, Builder Nights emphasizes authentic connections, peer support, and shared learning.

In the web3 space, there is an urgent need for platforms that facilitate real dialogue, where developers and stakeholders can openly discuss challenges, share insights, and co-create solutions. By cultivating a space where transparency, trust, and mutual growth are important, Builder Nights aims to empower developers to push the boundaries of what’s possible in blockchain and decentralized technologies. Francesco’s Builder Needs visualization below highlights the importance of creating a safe space for ecosystem meetups and support, aligning with the second level of the pyramid.

Builder Nights values pillars

A glimpse at past Builder Nights

The Builder Nights series continues to make its mark globally, bringing together the brightest minds in the web3 and blockchain communities. Here’s a look at some of the past events:
**Builder Nights Denver**

Held on February 29, 2023, in the mountainous city of Denver, this special event featured Joe Lubin as the guest speaker. Presented by MetaMask and Linea, the evening was rich with discussions on the future of decentralized technologies.

Builder Nights Denver

Builder Nights APAC Tour

The APAC region has seen a series of engaging sessions across major Asian cities featuring exciting guest speakers like Yat Siu and Vitalik Buterin. This series was presented by several teams within the ecosystem, including MetaMask, Fuel Labs, Linea,, Orbit, AltLayer, and Etherspot, to name a few.

The Tokyo session, held in April 2023, provided a unique platform for discussions on Ethereum’s future, presented in the bustling metropolis of Tokyo. The Hong Kong session, held on September 22, 2023, saw Yat Siu bring deep insights into digital ownership and blockchain's role in digital economies, while the Singapore session featured Vitalik Buterin, who gave an interesting presentation on the history of account abstraction.

Last year’s Builder Nights APAC tour was designed to be a top-of-the-funnel initiative that engages developers in our evergreen initiatives, turning participants into product users and brand champions. Here are some numbers from 10 Builder Nights in the APAC region:

  • 10k+ combined registrations
  • 3k+ combined attendance
  • Approximately 18,000+ combined page views
  • 41 million+ total impressions on social media

Vitalik speaking about the history of account abstraction

Builder nights Singapore panel

Builder Nights Paris

This event, held on July 20, 2023, was a highlight in Paris. It focused on broad discussions about the impact and future of blockchain beyond traditional applications, with leading sponsors like MetaMask and

Each Builder Nights event is crafted to share knowledge and create a robust, informed, and enthusiastically forward-thinking community. Stay tuned and join us at the next Builder Nights to be part of shaping the future of blockchain technology.

Join us at Builder Nights, Brussels

The metrics and sentiment collected from each event demonstrate the series' success in creating engaging and value-driven experiences for the web3 community. As we plan future events, these insights will guide our strategies to enhance engagement, expand our reach, and continue to serve as a leading resource for the community.

Stay tuned for more updates as we grow and expand the Builder Nights series, ensuring every event is a beacon of knowledge, inspiration, and community engagement in the web3 and blockchain technology space. For any co-host support, you can always reach out to Francesco and the team, and if you are planning to come to EthCC Brussels in July, Be sure to stop by Builder Nights Brussels.

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