Empowering Web3 Developers to Build with MetaMask

Integrations with popular Web3 libraries, new methods for streamlining the wallet connection process, and Infura API key integration have been added to the MetaMask SDK.

by Liz Mathew and Ezgi CengizNovember 8, 2023
Empowering web3 developers to build with MetaMask Image

MetaMask is trusted by millions of Web3 users to manage digital assets, identity, and authority. The MetaMask SDK enables developers to integrate MetaMask functionality into their dapp across any platform and device.

The SDK offers a secure connection and direct communication with the MetaMask Mobile App and/or MetaMask Extension. It supports a variety of developer frameworks, including all major JavaScript frameworks, native iOS, native Android applications, and Unity applications.

Build seamless web3 user experiences with the MetaMask SDK.

For dapp developers looking to connect with MetaMask users, the SDK enhances the end-user experience on mobile by offering a deep link between your dapp on a mobile browser or mobile app and the user’s MetaMask wallet app.

The mobile connections established via the SDK persist for up to 30 days from the time of the last connection. This persistence facilitates convenience for daily, weekly, and monthly active users by obviating the need to reconnect from scratch upon their return. With the SDK’s new Connect + Sign method, developers can further streamline the connection process by eliminating unnecessary toggling between the dapp and wallet, reducing the connection requirements to just a single app switch.

On desktop, the SDK enables multi-wallet client support, allowing users to choose whether to connect to your dapp via the MetaMask extension or the mobile wallet.

Improving the dapp development experience for web3 developers

Over the past quarter, we’ve introduced several features to support the dapp developer journey that we're eager to discuss.

The SDK now includes higher-level libraries for smart contract interaction, React hooks, and a React UI kit. The JS SDK integration process has been streamlined with support for the popular convenience library, Web3Onboard. Detailed steps for this integration are available in the documentation.

For Infura customers, we've facilitated the use of the Infura API through the MetaMask SDK. Developers can now utilize their Infura API with MetaMask's JS and Unity SDKs for any read-only JSON RPC methods. Direct, read-only JSON-RPC requests—blockchain requests that don't require user wallet interaction—allow your dapp to call most JSON-RPC API methods directly, bypassing user wallet authentication for read-only operations. This simplifies your devops and enhances the user experience by creating a streamlined fallback mechanism that allows on-chain data to be populated to your dapp’s frontend, even when the user’s wallet is not active.

Lastly, we're pleased to announce that our Android SDK, initially released on a limited basis in September, is now available to all developers. Unique to MetaMask, the Android SDK consists of two components: the client SDK, which is imported into the dapp, and the new server SDK, an Android Native Module embedded in the MetaMask React Native Wallet. The client SDK communicates with the server SDK using Inter-Process Communication (IPC), rendering it faster and more secure than Android SDK implementations that rely on a relay server.

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