Improving the Multi-Wallet User Experience with EIP-6963

In this blog, we talk about MetaMask's upcoming support for EIP-6963, the challenges of multi-wallet use with dapps, and the push for broader ecosystem adoption.

by Vandan ParikhOctober 13, 2023
Improving the Multi-Wallet User Experience with EIP-6963 Image

At MetaMask, we're always excited to support industry-wide initiatives that empower people and create intuitive experiences. That's why we're announcing our upcoming support for EIP-6963, also known as Multi-Wallet Discovery. This will address many issues users face when they have multiple wallet extensions installed.

For those who've used multiple wallets simultaneously, many have faced challenges in certain scenarios. For instance, a dapp might connect to the wrong wallet or might not connect to any wallet at all. When users have specific wallet preferences for certain dapps, these preferences might not be easily met. Often, users find themselves having to manually enable or disable wallet extensions, create multiple browser profiles, or use different wallets across various browsers. We recognize how frustrating and confusing this can be.

EIP-6963 introduces a new Ethereum standard, enabling dapps to consistently discover and connect to all installed wallets on a user's browser. Adopting this EIP will simplify user interactions with dapps and provide greater control over wallet usage.

Key take-aways on the potential of EIP-6963

  1. Improved control and ease of use: Users will no longer be limited to use only one wallet when interacting with dapps. Instead, they will be able to reliably choose the wallet they want to use when connecting to a dapp. They can tailor their wallet usage to their specific needs and preferences. The experience of using multiple wallets together will be more intuitive without the need for atypical workarounds.
  2. Importance of ecosystem adoption: For end-users to realize the benefits of EIP-6963, we need widespread adoption among dapps and wallets.

Unified for a better user experience

We believe that EIP-6963 is an important step forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, and we are committed to supporting its adoption. We are working with other wallet providers, dapp developers, and library developers to make it as easy as possible for everyone to implement EIP-6963. We have been impressed by the level of industry interest and adoption we’ve already seen, but we encourage all wallet providers and library developers to support EIP-6963. We also hope to see most dapp developers adopt EIP-6963 either directly or indirectly through the libraries they may use. Together, we can make the ecosystem more powerful and intuitive for everyone.

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