Breaking the EVM barrier with Interoperability Snaps

Learn how to connect to non-EVM networks with your MetaMask wallet.

by MetaMaskNovember 15, 2023
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As the decentralized web continues to grow, so does the need for seamless interaction between different blockchains and dapps. Interoperability Snaps are here to bridge that gap, allowing you to connect with non-EVM networks and enable messaging directly with your MetaMask wallet.

If you’re new to the world of Snaps, the MetaMask Snaps Open Beta allows you to customize your wallet with features and functionalities. We previously covered Security Snaps to safeguard your wallet and shield your transactions. Start here to learn more about security-focused Snaps.

MetaMask is natively Ethereum which means it supports EVM networks like Ethereum Mainnet, L2s like Linea and Optimism, and even Polygon. Now, with Snaps, you can connect to non-EVM networks like Starknet and Solana, and even manage Bitcoin with your MetaMask wallet.

The blockchain interoperability dilemma

Different blockchains—each with its unique assets, smart contracts, and consensus mechanisms— tend to operate in silos. Technologies like blockchain bridges have emerged to connect different networks and promote cross-chain communication but MetaMask still only supports Ethereum-native chains.

Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific blockchain, be it decentralization, convenience, security, etc. Interoperability Snaps give you the flexibility to interact with a diverse web3 landscape directly in the wallet you already know and use.

Introducing Interoperability Snaps

Interoperability Snaps expand MetaMask’s functionality by connecting to non-EVM protocols. Whether you want to connect to Starknet, Solana, or even manage Bitcoin directly with MetaMask, there’s a Snap for you.

There are currently over 20 Snaps available in this category, each offering unique functionalities to connect MetaMask with different blockchains and dapps.

How are accounts created by Interoperability Snaps using my MetaMask wallet?

Snaps can generate new accounts for new protocols and networks; these accounts are generated based on your Secret Recovery Phrase. This means that even if you were to reset your entire MetaMask instance, recover your MetaMask accounts using your Secret Recovery Phrase, and install the Snap again, you would be able to see the same account(s) for the new network that you have previously generated.

Note that new (Snaps) accounts are generated based on your Secret Recovery Phrase that you use for MetaMask; accounts from hardware wallets that you add to your MetaMask instance are added independently from your existing MetaMask accounts. Additionally, Snaps can never see your Secret Recovery Phrase. Keep your Secret Recovery Phrase to yourself, and do not share it with others.

Learn more about Interoperability Snaps here.

How to Install Interoperability Snaps:

  1. Download, or update, MetaMask Extension (v11.0 and up)
  2. Visit Interoperability Snaps in our directory to discover new features/functionalities you would like to add to your wallet
  3. Click “Add to MetaMask” on your desired Snap
  4. Sign the “Connection Request” in your account and “Install” Snap to continue
  5. You can now connect to non-EVM dapps with your new Snap(s)

Broadening your horizons with Interoperability Snaps

The beauty of Snaps lies in their ability to expand MetaMask’s capabilities. Whether it’s scaling with Starknet, diving into the Solana ecosystem, managing Bitcoin, or more, Snaps help you explore web3’s diverse ecosystem with your existing wallet.

Ready to get interoperable? Discover Snaps here.

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