Dashboard: Track everything in one place

The MetaMask Portfolio Dashboard gives you a clear picture of all your accounts in one window.

by MetaMaskJuly 17, 2023
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In MetaMask Portfolio, the Dashboard gives you insight into your wallets—your tokens, NFTs, and transactions aggregated across multiple accounts and networks. Know your total wallet value by heading over to portfolio.metamask.io to connect your MetaMask wallet and its associated accounts. You can also import any other wallet by pasting its public address.

Crypto and NFTs

Dashboard’s comprehensive view allows you to track your different crypto holdings, whether stablecoins, memecoins, native blockchain tokens, and your NFTs.

Instead of going to an NFT marketplace to view your collection, you can simply toggle to the NFTs tab to appreciate and view those art NFTs, POAPs, and more. The dashboard defaults to a clean version, filtering out hidden and suspicious NFTs so you don’t have to view spam. It also separates NFTs you own and NFTs from other accounts that you watch. Don’t feel guilty about peeping others’ collections—everything is on-chain after all.

Multi-chain aggregation

You can select up to seven networks to view all your assets on, instead of switching to individual networks to view them one at a time.

MetaMask Portfolio currently supports seven networks:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Optimism
  3. Arbitrum
  4. BNB Chain
  5. Polygon
  6. Avalanche
  7. Fantom

Simply select all the networks you want to view balances on, and the dashboard will populate your assets in your window accordingly.

On-chain activity

Trying to remember the degen things you were doing months ago? We get it. That’s why transaction tracking is super helpful so you can glean those insights by toggling to the “Transactions” tab within Dashboard without ever leaving MetaMask Portfolio.

MetaMask Portfolio defaults to a clean view of your transactions, so you get a better idea of the tokens and NFTs you interacted with. This helps eliminate spam, but you can always choose to show unverified transactions. You might find some interesting tokens randomly dropped to you!
(Though be careful in interacting with them.)

Within the transactions tab, you can view your on-chain activity across Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche networks, with more to be added soon.

You can also download a file of all your transactions for easier organization and safekeeping. It might even make tax season easier…

One window

Dashboard’s intuitive interface allows you to manage and keep track of your tokens easily. By aggregating all your crypto, NFTs, and transactions across multiple accounts and networks, you can get a deep look into your wallet activity all in one window, without needing to juggle multiple dapps.

Ready to dive in? Learn more at metamask.io/portfolio/.

MetaMask Portfolio: track and manage your web3 everything

MetaMask Portfolio provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to accommodate your web3 needs and put you in control. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Stake, you’re covered. We’re constantly working on improving and evolving the dapp through meaningful updates. Click here to learn more about MetaMask Portfolio and its features.

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