MetaMask UX Update: Fiat Value Toggle in Testnets for Mobile Users

The new update introduces a toggle for fiat values on testnets enhancing awareness and preventing scams.

by MetaMaskJuly 3, 2024
Fiat toggle feature

Showing fiat values in testnets is now a toggle option available on MetaMask Mobile to prevent scammers from exploiting testnet values and to give developers greater control over their MetaMask experience.

This feature is off by default and can be turned back on in settings to show fiat value again.


🌐 For Users: This helps bring more awareness of testnets as a potential scam vector. Scammers often use testnet values to build "trust" by sending users valueless testnet ETH that appears to have fiat value, then later asking for real funds in return.

⚒️ For Developers: As a developer, you now have the same control over your testnet experience on MetaMask Mobile as you do on Extension. This toggle allows developers to enable or disable fiat values for testnets as needed. Note: This has been turned off by default for the safety of the majority of users and can be turned back on in settings.

Stay tuned for more MetaMask UX updates. Enjoy!

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