How to buy crypto with Robinhood on MetaMask

The new integration allows MetaMask U.S. users to purchase crypto through Robinhood's low-cost order engine for a secure, user-friendly, and self-custodial experience.

by Megan DiasFebruary 13, 2024

Starting today, eligible U.S. users can buy crypto in MetaMask using Robinhood’s low-cost order engine. Existing Robinhood customers can fund their self-custody wallet through debit, bank transfer, or your existing Robinhood account balance. The new integration prioritizes convenience for both MetaMask and Robinhood users, offering a simple way to fund your crypto wallet and get started in web3.

How to buy crypto on MetaMask with Robinhood

To fund your wallet:

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to and click the “Buy” tab, or click the “Buy” button on your mobile app’s homescreen to get started
  2. Select your region (this is only available for U.S. users)
  3. Select payment method (you’ll find Robinhood after choosing ‘Debit or credit’ or ‘Instant ACH bank transfer’ options)
  4. Select the token and network you want to purchase on (example: ETH on Ethereum)
  5. Enter the amount desired in fiat (example: $100 of ETH)
  6. Next, you will be presented with quotes from different available providers. Select Robinhood to continue
  7. You'll be securely redirected to the Robinhood app to complete the purchase. Once completed, your crypto assets will be deposited into your MetaMask wallet. Note: Robinhood customers are not charged for transfers from their account.

A 2023 Consensys survey conducted with over 15,000 people identified that a third of respondents see the complexity of web3 technology as a major obstacle to entering the crypto ecosystem. We hope to continue addressing this through secure and self-custodial solutions like MetaMask and the buy crypto feature for easier onboarding.

Robinhood and MetaMask users can now enjoy a frictionless experience and start using their crypto right away. Enjoy!

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