How to get notifications and chat directly in MetaMask through Snaps

Communication Snaps send you wallet notifications to stay in the know and continue chats directly in your wallet.

by MetaMaskDecember 21, 2023
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The advent of diverse dapps, decentralized social networks, and ever-growing niche communities has also brought about web3 communication tools, now available in MetaMask. These types of Snaps allow you to stay in the know with web3 notifications and chat directly in your wallet.

If you haven’t come across the permissionless innovation movement before, the MetaMask Snaps Open Beta enables you to customize your wallet through features developed by the community. Snaps are captured in three categories: Security, to shield your transactions; Interoperability, to connect with non-EVM networks; and Communication, to enable web3 chat and notifications.

Today you’ll learn how to get started with Communication Snaps.

Web3 communication tools

We all use digital tools to communicate with each other. Social media, texting, video chats; we like to keep up with our friends and family. This isn’t new. Now web3 communication tools help you stay in the know with your web3 frens and dapp updates in a crypto-native way through wallet DMs, NFT group chats, and more.

What are Communication Snaps?

Communication Snaps add functionalities like notifications and chat directly to MetaMask making it easier to communicate in web3. Whether you want wallet-to-wallet chat, notifications of friends’ activities across Lens and Farcaster, or real-time alerts from dapps you use, there’s a Snap for you.

Instead of having multiple tabs open to keep up with your web3 sphere, you can go about your regular online activity and get MetaMask pop-up notifications directly in your browser when your attention is needed. Communication Snaps bring alerts directly to your wallet and make it convenient to stay up to date with what’s happening.


How to install Communication Snaps

  1. Download, or update, MetaMask Extension (v11.0 and up)
  2. Browse Notifications and Chat Snaps in our directory to discover new features/functionalities you would like to add to your wallet
  3. Click “Add to MetaMask” on your desired Snap
  4. Sign the “Connection Request” in your account and “Install” Snap to continue
  5. You can now receive notifications and chat directly in MetaMask with your new Snap(s)!

Socializing your web3 experience

No matter how digital we get, we’re social creatures at our core. That seeps into what we build, use, and thrive on. With Communication Snaps, you can enable web3 notifications and chat tools directly in MetaMask without having to check multiple tabs and platforms. Get started here.

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