How to stake crypto and secure the network

Learn how to stake and withdraw crypto from liquid staking providers directly in MetaMask Portfolio.

by MetaMaskJuly 17, 2023
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MetaMask Portfolio allows you to easily participate in staking, a fundamental security mechanism of a proof-of-stake blockchain network. You can access vetted liquid staking providers directly through the dapp for an intuitive experience through the “Stake” feature.

Stake directly

With MetaMask Portfolio, you can stake your ETH with liquid staking providers Lido and Rocket Pool without needing to leave the dapp. Instead of searching for other websites or secure ways to stake, you can just use MetaMask Portfolio’s interface in the “Stake” tab to connect with Lido and Rocket Pool smart contracts directly.

We also recently enabled MATIC staking (currently only available to users outside the U.S.) through Lido and Stader Labs. Remember: MATIC staking is done on the Ethereum network.

Stake, withdraw, and keep track easily

Whether you’re new to staking or not, MetaMask Portfolio makes it easy to stake, withdraw, and view your accumulating rewards in one window. You never have to leave the dapp to start securing the Ethereum network and get rewarded in return.

How to stake with MetaMask Portfolio

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to
  2. Click "Stake" to get started and select between ETH or MATIC.
  3. Choose your desired staking provider.
  4. Enter the amount of ETH or MATIC you want to stake. You can toggle between “monthly” and “yearly” to view your estimated rewards from staking this amount. When ready, select “Review” to review your stake.
  5. Select “Confirm” once reviewed and sign the transaction in your wallet to approve and submit the staking transaction.
  6. Once the transaction is complete, view your accumulating rewards in the holdings card.

Success! 🦊

Staking, a public good

MetaMask Portfolio allows you to participate in a decentralized public good that helps secure the blockchain network. You can contribute to the security and growth of Ethereum directly and get rewarded in return by accessing liquid staking providers. Whether you choose to withdraw your stake, use your stETH/rETH/stMATIC/MATICX tokens as collateral in DeFi, or even swap it for another token, you can do it all in a single window.

Ready to stake? Learn more at

MetaMask Portfolio: track and manage your web3 everything

MetaMask Portfolio provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to accommodate your web3 needs and put you in control. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Stake, you’re covered. We’re constantly working on improving and evolving the dapp through meaningful updates. Click here to learn more about MetaMask Portfolio and its features.

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