Introducing estimated balance changes for clear transaction outcomes

With estimated balance changes, MetaMask Extension users will get better insight into their send and receive amounts after submitting transactions.

by Kyle DetzApril 24, 2024
estimated balance changes feature

Our latest update in Extension v11.14 introduces estimated balance changes to make it easier to understand what you’re about to sign.

Estimated balance changes act as a simulation displayed on the confirmation screen to provide a clear overview of the token values of the transaction you're about to confirm. Following the recent integration of Blockaid security alerts, this feature is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance both the user experience and security for our community.

The feature is on by default, enjoy!

Multi-network balance updates

Estimated changes are now available for a wide range of token and NFT transactions across:

  • Ethereum mainnet
  • Arbitrum
  • Avalanche
  • Base
  • Linea
  • OP Mainnet
  • Polygon

Our goal with this update is to present a confirmation screen that is both clear and informative, making it easier for you to understand exactly the transaction you’re about to confirm.

What you can expect to see in your MetaMask wallet

Previously, MetaMask provided details on transaction fees and the total transaction value but lacked a straightforward way to visualize the specific value changes resulting from a transaction. With this update, you'll see precise estimations of the tokens and values being transferred, enhancing your visibility into the movement of assets in and out of your wallet.

estimates balance changes before after
Example of the confirmation screen before and after the introduction of estimated balance changes.

Transaction clarity and user safety

Estimated balance changes prevent unintended transaction outcomes that could happen by accident or malicious activity while promoting confidence and safety when exploring web3. It allows you to confirm the amount of tokens from your transaction, separate from your gas fees, before clicking Confirm. For example, estimated balance changes might help in situations where you're thinking you're minting a NFT but may confirm that you're sending money out but not getting anything in return.

We hope our new estimated balance updates help you more safely and clearly navigate through the exciting opportunities within web3!

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