MetaMask Extension’s updated UX elevates network, dapp, and account selection

Learn about the wallet’s new look and how it provides a simpler web3 experience.

by MetaMaskJuly 6, 2023
MM UI Updates – No Annotations (Feature)

We’re excited to unveil some changes to the MetaMask wallet extension with v10.33 that make it simpler, cleaner, and more intuitive to use than ever before.

You'll notice a crisper layout when you first open the fox head on your browser.

The two top rows which previously displayed wallet address, connection status, network selection, and account selection have now been condensed into a single top row, minimizing visual noise and giving you everything you need at a quick glance.

In addition, we've made site connections more obvious on the top right (check image below) so you can easily see and manage the dapps your MetaMask wallet is interacting with. This helps with granting permissions and knowing what you’re connecting to.

MM UI Updates (Feature)

To avoid confusing elements—yes, we heard you and went to work—we separated the account selection from the global menu navigation and placed the account avatar right by the account name so you always have a clear visual association with your identity. This seemingly minor change has profound implications by increasing your awareness and confidence when interacting with dapps.

Finally, the network selector moved to the top left within the header and each network is now associated with its respective token. This unique pairing helps distinguish different chains from each other and promotes user safety.

At MetaMask, we encourage safe and secure web3 habits. We hope this new user experience makes your web3 journey more simple and enjoyable. This UX was inspired by user feedback, and we encourage you to keep telling us what you think! We take note. Remember, MetaMask Portfolio spun out from popular community request. 😉

Till next time…

Happy browsing! 🌐🦊

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