MetaMask Mobile and Extension updates improve wallet experience with more control and transparency

With its latest updates, MetaMask Mobile improves load times, browser navigation, and account connectivity; MetaMask Extension enhances the onboarding experience with more privacy settings to limit data exposure.

by MetaMaskMarch 14, 2023
feature improved load times

MetaMask recently pushed updates on its mobile app and browser extension to improve load times and optimize the wallet experience. We’re committed to continuously making MetaMask more transparent, private, and ultimately safer for our community.

MetaMask Mobile

You’re not alone if you didn’t realize where the MetaMask Mobile browser tab was until someone pointed it out in the app. With the revamped UI, you can toggle between your wallet and browser in a single tap within MetaMask Mobile. Additionally, there is more control and transparency when it comes to choosing which of your accounts to connect or disconnect from dapps.

Previously, when you connected to a dapp, all the accounts in your wallet were automatically linked. Now you have the option to choose which accounts to connect with, and disconnecting individual accounts has become more straightforward.

Every account and dapp connection is maintained separately in browser tabs, even as new ones are opened. As a result, each account can be conveniently disconnected from its corresponding tab.

By organizing your MetaMask accounts, you have better control over their usage. For example, you may want to use Account 1 as your "public facing" account associated with your ENS, while using Account 2 for your DeFi degen activities that you want to keep private.

Now you can as they won’t be linked to each other. The new mobile permission updates put privacy at the helm as you reduce unnecessary exposure to dapps and external services.

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MetaMask Extension

We’ve updated the MetaMask extension to maximize the control you have over your data, and limit the amount of user data sent to third-party services that are required to run the extension.

The primary changes to the wallet experience are during onboarding and within the “Security and Privacy” settings:

  • You are prompted to confirm the first three words of your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) when creating a MetaMask wallet
  • You can choose any RPC provider during onboarding and opt out of our default, Infura.
  • You can disable certain features that send requests to third-party APIs under the “Advanced configuration” settings, giving you more control over your data. These options are on by default as they are additive to the experience, but can be turned off for any reason:
    • Incoming Transactions
    • Phishing Detection
    • Choosing custom network

More Control

MetaMask aims to be the standard bearer across crypto wallets for user privacy and security. Data exploitation goes against MetaMask core values. Instead, we believe in equipping our community with the founding principles that guide our development—true ownership and privacy.

We believe that part of the value MetaMask offers is the freedom to exit the product anytime. Self-custody means you truly control your private key, and can import that private key to any wallet interface that supports the standard Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP).

We are committed to protecting the privacy of our users so that you will not, and ultimately, cannot be exploited by yet another centralized entity.

The enhanced MetaMask Mobile UI makes navigating web3 on the go easier, and the evolved MetaMask Extension privacy opt-ins give you more agency over your data. We hope you enjoy the new experience!

And if you have any feature requests, let us know here.

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