MetaMask Partners with Meld to Scale Crypto Adoption

MetaMask partners with Meld to make crypto more accessible to users via MetaMask Portfolio.

by Kingsley OkonkwoJuly 3, 2024

MetaMask is partnering with Meld to make crypto more accessible across continents, including North America, Europe, and Africa. The partnership means MetaMask can add more payment providers, expanding the ability for users to buy crypto worldwide and enabling more payment options.

Meld serves as a modern fintech infrastructure layer and integrates various service providers, allowing developers to build their fintech stack through a powerful API and ready-to-use UI components. With Meld, developers can launch new service providers and create customized experiences at greater speeds.

Expanding MetaMask's reach with Meld

Since launching in Q4 of 2023, Meld has enabled MetaMask to meet users where they are across different jurisdictions and on-ramping experiences. For instance, Meld has facilitated MetaMask's geographic expansion by quickly launching Koywe for Latin America, Unlimit for Europe, Fonbnk for Africa, and TransFi for Asia.

Additionally, Meld has helped MetaMask achieve greater depth in existing markets by integrating Robinhood in the US and in Europe and Africa, allowing users with existing exchange accounts to move more seamlessly between DeFi and their centralized exchanges. You can experience MetaMask's onramps in the mobile app or by visiting the Portfolio website.

In Q2 of 2024, Meld partnered with Mesh and MetaMask’s portfolio team to launch a feature that helps users track external centralized exchange balances. This feature was documented in our prior blog post. With this partnership, MetaMask will be able to add more functionality and choices for users, extending the global reach of our platform.

Building a future where crypto is more accessible

This partnership between MetaMask and Meld is a significant step towards making crypto more accessible and user-friendly. It not only broadens MetaMask’s reach but also enhances the overall user experience. Visit the MetaMask buy page today and start enjoying the benefits of this partnership.

Learn more on the Meld blog.

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