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Learn what web3 is, why it matters, and how to get started with simple lessons and interactive simulations.

by Megan DiasJanuary 31, 2023
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Foxes are known to be highly curious animals, always looking for new ways to learn and explore their environment. They are quick learners who adapt well through observation, play, and trial and error. As a web3 dabbler, I can find a lot in common with them.

In the spirit of curiosity and learning, many teams within ConsenSys gathered together to bring MetaMask Learn to life. It’s been a labor of love, and one we hope inspires the curious fox in all who come across it. We’re excited to finally share it with you today.

What is MetaMask Learn?

MetaMask Learn is a free-to-use educational platform available in 10 languages for anyone interested in learning about web3. Through engaging lessons and interactive simulations, it helps you understand what web3 is, why it matters, and how to get started.

MetaMask Learn is for you if:

  • You’ve been interested in web3 but just don’t know where to start
  • You’ve bought some crypto on an exchange but don’t know what to do with it
  • You still don’t understand web3 principles because they’ve been too jargon-heavy
  • You want to know what the fuss about web3 really is
  • You just want to keep up with your friends who babble about this new digital era and its possibilities

The list could go on. But at its core, Learn is designed for anyone who wants to take the leap to explore uncharted waters. At a self-moderated pace, you can jump into any and all lessons that interest you, interact with features in the simulation, and experience those satisfying “ah-ha” moments when you finally grasp important concepts. As you may have heard, crypto wasn’t created to make you rich, it was created to set you free. And we like to think freedom is fun.

The MetaMask Learn syllabus will guide you through 8 initial topics:

In 10 languages: English, Portuguese (Brazil), Tagalog (Philippines), Bahasa (Indonesia), Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian, and Turkish. (with more to come soon)

With interactive simulations in each lesson, you’ll get an idea of how the MetaMask wallet works and be shown what’s possible in this new web.

And at a self-moderated pace, you can jump into any and all lessons that interest you. Or our personal favorite: in order as they build nicely on each other. 😀

Why MetaMask Learn?

It’s been a long time coming. As the world’s leading self-custodial wallet, we’ve seen a lot and recognize the steep learning curve when it comes to learning web3 concepts for the first time.

In Gemini’s 2022 Global State of Crypto survey, respondents were nearly twice as likely to say that more educational resources would help them get started with crypto (40%), compared to recommendations from friends (22%).

If you’ve been looking for a place to send your family and friends to the next time you’re sharing your enthusiasm for web3, have MetaMask Learn up your sleeve!

In addition to helping educate more people in the space, we want to help combat scammers who prey on unsuspecting victims by equipping you with the fundamental knowledge to understand self-custody and true ownership.

If you feel more confident in navigating the web3 waters after MetaMask Learn, we did our job. Pssst, never ever ever share your Secret Recovery Phrase (SRP) with anyone. Or click on weird links. Just had to get that out there.

It Takes A Village

Encompassing moments of delight throughout the experience, we want to thank our partner in this project, Stink Studios for bringing MetaMask Learn to life.

The amount of successful scamming and phishing attempts reduce significantly when we equip people with knowledge.

We collaborated with great organizations in the space that will all use MetaMask Learn as one of their go-to web3 onboarding guides.

MM Learn Partners Feb 2023 Final

From celebrating diverse communities and encouraging inclusivity with Women of Web3, Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow, Crypto Tech Women, Women in Tech, the Ukraine Government, and Giving Block

To welcoming the next wave of creators, artists, and gamers in the world of NFTs with Animoca, Unity, and Sandbox

And overall building more awareness around self-custody with ENS, Moonpay, Transak, Sardine

Thank you for the work that you do.

To the dapp developer, NFT creator, and DAO steward reading this, add this to your onboarding guide for a frictionless experience for your new users.

MetaMask Learn is there to inspire you to learn about the new world we’re in. It’s not enough to just stay on the sidelines and only take notice when crypto exchange billionaires steal user funds, you should know exactly where to go to learn more about web3.

And even if you’re a self-proclaimed expert in web3, I’m sure you know someone who would benefit from this—a friend, a family member, that random person on the sidewalk passing you by proclaiming how much they don’t understand “that crypto stuff.” Maybe now they will.

Stay Curious

We hope you enjoy MetaMask Learn as it pops its head out of its den to say hello to the world. We plan on adding more support for languages in the near future to reflect our global audience and will continue to add lessons that pique your interest.

Follow us on Twitter. TikTok (yes, Learn inspired us to create a TikTok to appeal to people who like consuming content a lil differently), Instagram, Facebook. And subscribe to our Learn newsletter where you’ll be the first to know when we release new lessons and receive extra resources to help you get started in web3.

Till then, happy learning you curious fox. Have fun with it. 🦊

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