Dashboard: Monitor everytin for one place

MetaMask Portfolio Dashboard dey show you everything about all your accounts for one place.

by MetaMask17 Julai 2023
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Inside MetaMask Portfolio, di Dashboard dey give you all the information about your wallets - all your tokens, NFTs, and transactions from different accounts and networks, dey display am for one place. Know how much your crypto worth by going to [portfolio.metamask.io] (https://portfolio.metamask.io?utm_source=metamask&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=feature-articles_content) to connect your MetaMask wallet and any other accounts wey dey linked to am. You fit also bring in another wallet by pasting di public address.

Crypto and NFTs

Dashboard dey show everything, make you fit track all your crypto wey you get, whether na stablecoin, memecoin, native blockchain token, and your NFT dem.

Instead make you waka go NFT market go see your tings, you fit just switch to the NFT button for you to enjoy and look at all those art NFT dem, POAPs, and plenty oda tings. The dashboard dey start with clean slate, e go block all those hidden and suspicious NFT dem so you no go see rubbish. E still dey separate NFT dem wey you get and NFT dem from other accounts wey you dey keep eye on. No dey feel bad because you dey look oda people crypto collections - everything dey on the blockchain, na public thing.

Many blockchains join together

You fit choose up to seven network wey you go see all your tings, instead make you dey jump from one network go another to see them one by one.

MetaMask Portfolio dey support seven networks for now:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Optimism
  3. Arbitrum
  4. BNB Chain
  5. Polygon
  6. Avalanche
  7. Fantom

Just pick all the network wey you want see your money for, and the dashboard go show you all your assets for your screen as e dey.

Wetin you dey do for blockchain

You dey try remember all those bad market things wey you do some months ago? We get am. Na why to dey track transaction dey helpful well well, so you fit see those things by switching to "Transactions" tab wey dey inside Dashboard, you nor go need commot for MetaMask Portfolio at all.

MetaMask Portfolio dey show you clean list of your transactions, so you go understand better which tokens and artwork NFTs wey you don use your wallet for. Dis one help commot rubbish message, but you fit choose to show transactions wey no dey verified. You fit see some tokens wey dem drop for you anyhow, and dem go sweet your belle!
(But shine your eye well well when you dey deal with dem.)

Inside transaction tab, you go see all wetin you dey do for blockchain for Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche networks, and more networks go soon join.

You go fit still download all your transaction records, make am easy to sort out and keep well. E go even make tax time dey easy…

One screen

Dashboard get easy way wey e show you how you fit manage and see all your tokens for one place easy easy. To dey gather all your crypto, NFTs, and transactions for many accounts and networks, you go fit see everything about your wallet activity for one place, without make you need open many different dapps upandan.

Shey you don dey ready to enter? Sabi plenti for metamask.io/portfolio/.

MetaMask Portfolio: Carry eye see and watch over all your web3 kain things

MetaMask Portfolio na ogbonge platform wey dey easy to use and get all ya web3 things for one place, e go hep you control everytin yourself. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Stake, you dey safe. We dey always work hard to make the dapp better with updates wey go make sense. Press here to learn more about MetaMask Portfolio and its features.

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