Way to sell crypto collect cash with MetaMask

MetaMask Portfolio get this Sell thing wey dey allow you sell your crypto and get money from people wey MetaMask don check well well, with just small clicks.

by MetaMask5 Sẹptẹ́mba 2023
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MetaMask Portfolio get this Sell thing wey allow you to change your crypto to regular money (like Dollar, Euro, and Pound) with no stress. Combined with di Buy function, e fit make you be your own boss for web3 experience with less middlemen and quick conversion to normal money straight to where you wan am, like your bank account or PayPal balance if e dey available

Crypto sellers wey dem approve

Instead to limit to one provider, MetaMask gather many providers wey dey trusted (many of dem dey de same ones for de [Buy] (http://portfolio.metamask.io/buy?utm_source=metamask&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=feature-articles_content) flow)—make sure dem meet our high standards—to show you different options wey dey available in real-time to change your ETH on Ethereum Mainnet to de normal money wey you choose (where dem dey available).

People from all over de world

You fit sell things now for the US (but some states get their own rules), UK, and some places for Europe, but dem get plan to extend am to more places to help our people all over di world. Na important thing for people to fit freely buy and sell crypto, and we hope say these ways go make web3 reach plenty more people. We dey start with support for ETH for Ethereum Mainnet, but soon, we go fit get even more kain kain tokens wey them dey use for gas for those levels wey dey on top of the main network (layer 2), and even normal money like US Dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), and British Pound (GBP).

How to use di Sell Crypto feature for MetaMask Portfolio:

To sell ya crypto for money:

  1. Connect ya MetaMask wallet to portfolio.metamask.io
  2. Press di “Sell” tab to start am
  3. Pick ya area
  4. Pick di crypto and network wey you wan sell from (For example: ETH for Ethereum network)
  5. Pick the account wey you wan make your money enter for your area (for example: bank account or PayPal account wey you get money for inside)
  6. Put the amount of crypto wey you wan sell (example: 0.5 ETH)
  7. All the prices from all the different people wey dey sell go show right now. Pick one make you kontinu.
  8. Dem go send you safely go the website of the person wey dey sell to register and connect your regular money account, then send you back go MetaMask Portfolio.
  9. Pick "Send ETH to [Provider]" to move your crypto from your wallet to your bank account.
  10. Confam di transaction for ya MetaMask wallet.
  11. You go fit monitor your order as e dey process for di "Sell" place. Each person wey dey sell get their own time, and your money fit take some days to show for your normal bank account.

Success! 🦊

E dey aligned with oga/madam wey dey sell am

With the Buy and Sell ting for your MetaMask Portfolio, you fit buy and sell your crypto and cash with many of the same people wey you don know already. E mean say you go only need to sign-up and connect your bank account one time with one particular oga/madam wey dey sell. We hope say you go like to dey use dis features.

Shey you don dey ready to enter? Sabi plenti for metamask.io/portfolio/.

MetaMask Portfolio: Carry eye see and watch over all your web3 kain kain things

MetaMask Portfolio na ogbonge platform wey dey easy to use and get all your web3 things for one place, e go help you control everything yourself. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, Stake, you dey safe. We dey always work hard to make the dapp better and better with updates wey go make sense. Press here to sabi more about MetaMask Portfolio and wetin e fit do.

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