Wey to lock crypto for profit and help protect the network, make e secure

Sabi how to lock your crypto for profit and get am back from people wey dey hold crypto for you wey you fit use like regular money straight for MetaMask Portfolio.

by MetaMask17 Julai 2023
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MetaMask Portfolio go make am easy for you to take part to dey lock your crypto for profit, wey be like helping hand to secure blockchain network, make e no collapse. You fit use the dapp wey dey easy to use to connect wit providers wey dey trusted to lock your coins for profit for you through di “Stake” ting.

Lock your crypto for profit straight up

With MetaMask Portfolio, you fit lock your ETH for profit with Lido and Rocket Pool, wey dey provide liquid staking, and you nor go need commot the dapp. Instead make you dey waka find oda websites or safe way to lock your coins for profit, you fit just use MetaMask Portfolio app itself for their "Stake" button, you go connect with Lido and Rocket Pool smart contracts directly.

We recently make way for people to lock MATIC for profit (for now, only for those wey dey outside U.S.A.) through Lido and Stader Labs. Remember say locking MATIC for profit na for Ethereum network dem dey do am.

Lock your crypto for profit, commot your moni, and dey monitor your crypto easy easy

Whether you dey new to dey lock your crypto for profit or you don already sabi am, MetaMask Portfolio dey make am easy to lock your crypto for profit your coins, remove dem and see how your reward dey increase all for one place. You no need to comot from the dapp to start help secure Ethereum network and get paid back for am.

Wey to lock your crypto for profit with MetaMask Portfolio

  1. Join your MetaMask wallet to portfolio.metamask.io
  2. Press "Stake" to start am and pick between ETH or MATIC.
  3. You fit choose which one you want wey go lock your coins for profit for you.
  4. Enta how much ETH or MATIC wey you wan lock for profit. You fit switch between "monthly" and "yearly" to see how much money you go get for locking dis amount for profit. When you don ready, pick “Review” to check your stake well well.
  5. Select 'Confirm' once you don review am, then sign the transaction for your wallet to approve and submit di transaction wey you lock for profit.
  6. Once the transaction done finish, make you go view your rewards wey don pile up for the holdings card, you go see how much you don get.

Success! 🦊

Staking, e dey benefit everybody

MetaMask Portfolio go allow you be part of something big wey no get one owner and public good wey everybody dey benefit from, wey dey help to protect the network wey blockchains dey use. You fit hep make Ethereum secure and grow and make dem reward you because of am by finding people wey go put their coin for staking. Whether you want withdraw your stake, use your stETH/rETH/stMATIC/MATICX tokens as collateral for DeFi, or even exchange am for anoda token, you fit do all those things for one place.

You dey ready to stake? Sabi plenti for metamask.io/portfolio/

MetaMask Portfolio: carry eye see and watch over all ya web3 kain things

MetaMask Portfolio na ogbonge platform wey dey easy to use and e get all ya web3 things for one place, e go hep you control everytin yourself. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Stake, you dey safe. We dey always work hard to make di dapp better with updates wey go make sense. Tap here to sabi more about MetaMask Portfolio and all the kain things wey e fit do.

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