Way to use MetaMask Swap thing to get wetin you want

MetaMask Portfolio Swap thing dey give you way to get thousands of tokens, prices wey dey fair, and network charges wey no dey too high.

by MetaMask17 Julai 2023
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MetaMask Portfolio na the house for how we dey swap. The Swap thing for this platform dey allow you change your tokens straight up, dey gather information from different kain exchange platforms (DEXs) wey no get central body wey control am and people wey dey sell and buy to find better price and low network charge for you.

Swaps dey work for many different network, so everybody fit use am:

  • Ethereum Mainnet
  • Arbitrum
  • Optimism
  • BNB Chain
  • Polygon
  • Avalanche

Plenty Different Tokens

Swaps dey collect information from many different kain kain places wey people dey swap their crypto (DEXs). This way, you fit buy plenty different cryptocurrencies, even the ones wey you no go see for those big companies wey dey control buying and selling (centralized exchanges). This one make am easy for you to choose how you wan invest your money and change your mind if you want.

Ease of use wey no get rival

MetaMask Portfolio get fine interface wey make Swaps easy and better pass anything. You no need commot MetaMask at all to do your business with any of our approved suppliers wey we don check well well. Just select 'Swap' for de menu to start am and e go finish in just small small clicks. When everything dey happen for one place, you go fit manage your assets easy easy.

Fast and e no dey cost too much money

For MetaMask Portfolio, you fit swap your tokens easy with less approvals, protection from price jumps, and the best way to save gas for every trade. Swaps dey set up to give you di best, make sure say you no waste ya money, e go give you best value for your money wey you spend.

U dey in charge

Swaps make you dey in charge. By collecting information from different platforms wey people dey use to swap crypto wey no dey under one owner, market makers, and DEXs, you fit swap one crypto token for anoda without needing the big ogbonge central exchange. Because MetaMask na wallet wey you dey control yourself, and any secret code wey them go use to open am, na you get am, na you dey control all your things.

How you fit change your digital money for anoda digital money using MetaMask Portfolio

To exchange tokens:

  1. Link ya MetaMask wallet to portfolio.metamask.io
  2. Press di “Swap” tab to start am
  3. For the network wey you wan swap from, choose am for that thing wey dey open like book for top (example: Ethereum)
  4. Choose the kain token wey you wan swap comot (example: ETH)
  5. Choose the kain token wey you wan swap enter (example: DAI)
  6. Put the amount of the token wey you wan swap
  7. Pick “Get Quotes”
  8. Check the swap info well well and pick "Swap" to confirm di deal

Success! 🦊

The Swap thing na like the main thing for doing your own finance stuff for crypto, and for everything wey be web3, e dey make am easy to link up with plenty tokens - thousands of them. If you decide say you wan exchange your crypto straight up for something else inside MetaMask na real correct way, e no waste your time like some oda ones, and e no put your stuff for any wahala wey oda people dey control.

Jolly dey go as you dey exchange your crypto! Sabi plenti for metamask.io/portfolio/

MetaMask Portfolio: Carry eye see and watch over all your web3 kain kain things

MetaMask Portfolio na ogbonge platform wey dey easy to use and get all your web3 things for one place, e go help you control everything yourself. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, Stake, you dey safe. We dey always work hard to make the dapp better and better with updates wey go make sense. Tap here to sabi more about MetaMask Portfolio and all the kain kain things wey e fit do.

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