What are MetaMask Snaps? A Developer Intro

This tutorial explores the capabilities of MetaMask's Snaps, focusing on the key APIs. Learn how to integrate non-EVM protocols and enhance application security with MetaMask's advanced tools.

by Kingsley Okonkwo & Ziad SaabNovember 30, 2023
what are snaps cover image

This Snaps tutorial introduces developers to the Key Derivation API, a major tool available to Snaps developers that enables the derivation of private keys using BIP-32 or BIP-44, empowering developers to integrate non-EVM protocol support into MetaMask. With this capability, protocols like Bitcoin, Solana, and Starknet have already been successfully integrated, broadening the scope of possibilities for MetaMask developers.

Additionally, the video highlights the Transaction Insights API available to MetaMask developers. This API allows Snaps to preview transactions before user confirmation, enabling the use of custom algorithms to analyze transactions and alert users to potential security issues before execution. The Snaps API also offers supporting features such as Dialogs, encrypted storage, Cron jobs, notifications, and custom UI, all designed to accelerate the development of user-centric and secure applications.

For more tutorials like this, please visit the new MetaMask Developers website.

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