Everything You Need To Know About the MetaMask Institutional Portfolio Dashboard Login

MetaMask Institutional’s (MMI) Portfolio Dashboard brings to users a range of cutting-edge tools to enhance how organizations manage their web3 portfolios.

by Yanlin Fu, Johann BornmanMarch 28, 2023

MetaMask Institutional’s (MMI) Portfolio Dashboard brings to users a range of cutting-edge tools to enhance how organizations manage their web3 portfolios. These tools include institutional controls, portfolio management, digital asset monitoring, and in-depth transaction reporting, all in one place. 

MMI’s goal is to provide unrivaled access to web3 along with unparalleled institutional key management solutions, and the Portfolio Dashboard Login feature allows organizations to implement controls over access and permissions across all their users, accounts, and custodians. 

Here, we’d like to walk through one of our latest features, the Portfolio Dashboard login. This allows an admin user in an organization to sign up, add team members, and create settings across their organization within our Portfolio Dashboard. We have also included a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

To start the Login onboarding process, the administrator for each organization will be required to input their email and password. Please note that the administrator will be the primary point of contact for the organization. Administrators will then be able to add team members.


After creating an administrator account, the administrator then moves through, inputs details for their organization and billing information. MMI has now moved to an automated billing system, with our invoicing moved online. Hence requiring users to input a bank account or card for payment (with crypto payments to follow shortly).

If the administrator has not yet downloaded the browser extension, or if they’re going through the onboarding process on a new device, they will be prompted to do so.


To finish setting up, administrators will then connect or select their custodial accounts from our partnered custodians. Then, add team members and start transacting as a team!


For more information, check out our Login FAQs or contact your sales representative or our customer support team.

MMI Login FAQs

1. I’ve just been notified about login. What happens next?

Follow the link below to our onboarding landing page. From there you can sign up by providing your email and password and starting our onboarding process.

2. Who can sign up for MMI?

To sign up, we require an administrator user to go through our onboarding process. An administrator can then invite other users to the organization. If you are an existing user of MMI, you will have a Primary Point of Contact for your organization. We require the primary point of contact to onboard with us. If you are not an existing user of MMI, please contact our sales team: MMI_Sales@consensys.net

3. I am an existing user of MMI. What information do I need to provide?

The name of the organization you belong to, primary point of contact, and address.

4. I have already gone through on-boarding with MMI. Why do I have to onboard again? 

With our new Portfolio Dashboard organization-management settings, along with enabling Crypto Payments, we require you to set up Crypto payments. Hence, we require you to step through our onboarding screens.

5. Are you changing your fee structure?

No, our fee structure remains the same. We are only making two changes to the terms of our billing. Firstly, we are moving to monthly invoicing to better align with the accounting and reporting cycles of our users, Secondly, we are implementing pro-rata fees for the first month’s fees. Lastly we are enabling Crypto Payments as our primary form of payment.

6. How will you take payment?

With our automated onboarding, we are implementing Crypto payments for ETH and USDC.The monthly invoice sent to you will provide instructions on where to transfer the ETH or USDC to. If you would prefer to pay via a bank transfer, we will provide instructions of how to do so.

7. Do you take crypto payments?

Yes, our primary method of invoicing is via Crypto payments. 

8. How many different roles are available, and what they can do?

We will start by rolling out admin and regular user roles. Admin users manage payments and can invite and delete users. Regular users will be invited to the dashboard. Admin users can create settings that apply at an organisation-level. For example, how accounts are grouped at an organisation level.

9. Will the role settings impact performing any activities natively on the MMI platform? E.g. swapping, staking, or exporting historic transactions 

The role settings currently do not impact access levels or activities within MMI. We will roll out more roles and permissions over time.

10. How many admin roles can 1 account have? What if I’d like to have multiple admins as there are a few key decision makers within the organization. How will this work? And will they have rights to override each other?

You can have multiple admins in an organization. All admins will have the same access and abilities.

11. Will the role setting in MMI impact my current governance settings with my custodian partner(s)? 

Our current role settings do not impact any policy or governance settings at your custodian.

12. Where will my credential info be stored? 

We rely on Auth0 for login and sign up. This means we do not store any of your login credentials. All data held by Auth0 is also encrypted at rest.

13. I don't use the Portfolio Dashboard much/at all. What will happen if I don't create a login credential? Will it impact trade execution using the MMI browser extension?

You will still be able to use the MMI browser extension unencumbered. As we are deprecating support for our old invoicing processes, we will require all sign-up organizations to migrate to our new automated billing system. Hence, we will require our users to step through the new onboarding process in due course.

14. What do I do when I see an error message when onboarding?

If you are seeing an error message during onboarding it is either one of the following reasons. 

  1. You are signing up but you are not the primary point of contact in your organization 
  2. You are a new user and are not in our system

For the former, please contact the administrator in your organization to be invited to your organization. If you are the administrator, please contact our customer support team. If you are a new user within MMI, please contact your sales team: MMI_Sales@consensys.net

updated September 2023

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