MMI Enhances Reporting, with Advanced Portfolio Features

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) elevates crypto portfolio management with advanced Snapshots and customizable Transaction History

by Yanlin Fu, Simran JagdevFebruary 23, 2024
MMI Reporting Features

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) is dedicated to improving the user experience by continuously updating and adding features based on user feedback. Recently, we have made important updates to our Snapshots (Valuations) and Transaction History features to provide advanced reporting capabilities.

Snapshots: Customizable and Comprehensive Reporting

We launched Snapshots in 2022 and it allowed organizations to generate a read-only view of their trades over a given timeframe on the MMI Portfolio Dashboard. The functionality includes daily snapshots of an organization’s holdings that are then consolidated into reports viewable by time period. These read-only reports are shareable with third-parties like fund admins, accountants and LPs to assist in the valuation of positions thereby dramatically reducing the time to reconcile monthly valuations. Users can:

  • Select the time period to view reports: weekly, monthly, and quarterly
  • View all portfolio items including, all assets, and assets allocated to various activities like lending, borrowing, yield farming, staking, NFTs, rewards, and transaction history.

The recent updates to Snapshots allow for further customization. Users can now specify the exact time of day they would like valuations taken. Previously, Snapshots would only be able to take valuations at 23:59:59 UTC. This updated functionality allows users to customize their valuation snapshots based on their time zones, or any time they choose. This is important as different funds in different jurisdictions are required to cut Net Asset Values (NAV) at different times of the day.

In addition, users can now receive detailed valuations in a read-only report which they can then easily share with third parties. Reports are downloadable in CSV format and will show data across three categories: holdings, wallet,NFTs and Staking. API format will also be available soon.

Transaction History: In-Depth and Customizable Reporting

To complement the Snapshots feature and offer more comprehensive institutional reporting for our users, MMI has revamped its Transaction History feature. Our original version allowed initiators to include ‘reference notes’ or comments for each trade via the MMI browser extension.

Our updated Transaction History feature expands support to 13 EVMs, including Linea and Base, and introduces.

  • Auto-labeled transactions are here, with an option for custom labels for their transactions coming soon.
  • Advanced transaction filtering for more precise data management.
  • Integration of transaction notes from the extension in the transactions history in the portfolio dashboard, linking trade journal notes from the extension directly to relevant transactions.
  • Enhanced CSV downloads for in-depth transaction analysis.


MMI designed these improvements to reporting features to eliminate the need for external project management tools for capturing transaction notes, manual downloads of transaction history from a block explorer, and manual entry of transaction types or notes. Instead, users can effortlessly provide comprehensive data to their fund admins with a few clicks.

Our dedication to enhancing user experience and efficiency is reflected in our Portfolio Dashboard’s eight-week retention rate, which increased by 45% this quarter. This growth is a testament to the value MMI continues to offer through innovative features and updates.

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