The Portfolio

The DeFi and Web3-focused Dashboard for Organizations.

MMI Portfolio Value

DeFi and Web3 Focus

Examine a consolidated view of your organization’s DeFi assets across EVM-chains.

Comprehensive Analysis and Reporting

Analyze investment data with detailed transaction reporting and downloadable CSV.

Streamlined Investments and Portfolio Management

Make use of an expanded investor interface that displays a breakdown of your organization’s DeFi portfolio, including digital assets, performance, and historical transactions.

A Canvas for Extended Features

Unlock enhanced DeFi functions. The Dashboard supports the development of further features that will increase the scope of Web3 interactions accessible by organizations.

Our Portfolio Dashboard improves the investment experience by integrating value-adding features and APIs into a single expanded interface. Once foundational features are built, investors will be able to seamlessly execute the following actions:

Lending, borrowing, and liquidity provision

Buy, manage, and sell NFTs

Stake tokens

Run pre- and post-trade compliance

Execute smart contracts

Access yield and fixed income products

Obtain portfolio attribution