The Web3 Portfolio Dashboard

Powerful web3 institutional controls, portfolio management, digital asset monitoring, and transaction reporting, all in one place.

MMI Portfolio Value
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Enhance your web3 portfolio management with a dashboard that supports your entire organization.

Institutional Controls

Institutional Controls

Careful control over how your team and organization engage in web3

Team Management
Create an organization, add members, and automate onboarding.
Institutional Web3 Experience
See organization-wide portfolio views and transact as a team.

Portfolio Management

Web3 access and opportunities brought together in one dashboard

Swap crypto across multiple DEXs. We aggregate liquidity data so you can identify the best price quote with optimal gas prices, and transact with the lowest failure rates.

Stake ETH to earn rewards for securing the Ethereum network. We simplify vendor selection by integrating four institutional staking providers with advanced performance reporting.

Extended Web3 Interactions
The Dashboard supports the development of further features that will increase the scope of Web3 interactions possible within the dashboard interface.
Digital Asset Monitoring

Digital Asset Monitoring

A consolidated view of your organisation’s web3 assets, including performance attribution

Web3 Focus
Monitor your organization’s web3 assets across all EVM chains. See a breakdown of your organization’s portfolio, including digital asset holdings, sector allocation, protocol allocation, performance, and historical transactions.
Performance Attribution
See performance and P&L attribution for all ERC-20 tokens and 10 of the largest DeFi protocols—Something only offered by MMI.
NFT Tracking
View detailed metrics for NFTs held across different custodians, wallets, accounts, and marketplaces.
Account Bundling
Group accounts to manage portfolios across your team and organization
Transaction Reporting

Transaction Reporting

Comprehensive asset coverage and streamlined transaction reporting to fund administrators, liquidity providers, and other stakeholders

Detailed Transaction Reporting
Report detailed holdings and transactions to stakeholders across 13 EVMs.
Transaction Classification
Classify transactions by distinguishing between transfers, bridges, fees, yield, the supply or removal of liquidity etc. Streamline reporting to third-parties.
Portfolio Snapshots
Generate a read-only view of your organization’s holdings and transactions over a given timeframe. Share a link with third-parties to highlight valuation and transaction history.