Your CeFi data and positions, now available on MetaMask Institutional in partnership with Mesh

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mesh, a step towards our mission of providing access to any asset anywhere.

by Johann BornmanApril 30, 2024
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MetaMask Institutional (MMI) launched thePortfolio dashboard in Q1 of 2022. Over the last two years, we have built out its capabilities and functionality to offer rich DeFi data, profit and loss, transaction history, and portfolio valuations through snapshots and account management. We built primitives like swaps and a staking marketplace. This all contributes to our goal, which is to create a product that offers unrivalled web3 access and allows an organisation to monitor, manage, control and report on their web3 assets. Today, the product has an average 8-week retention of 49.63% and an average 4-week retention of 51.10%. The average web application has an 8-week retention of 23%.

In our quest to build a product our users can’t live without, our product principles and values ensure that we spend time with our users daily to understand their product needs. One user need we have heard consistently is that no product they use or have seen can truly show them everything. Users can obtain views of their positions across EVMs but must do manual work to reconcile non-EVM allocations and Centralised Exchange data. Therefore, building a truly holistic portfolio requires many hours of manual work. To address this problem, we launched support for Solana last quarter. In Q2 and Q3, we will continue to add additional non-EVM support. However, an area we thought was incredibly important to address was ensuring users could see their Centralised Exchange data and their on-chain positions.

DeFi and CeFi

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Mesh, a step towards our mission of providing access to any asset anywhere. This collaboration will enable us to aggregate Prime Accounts from Centralised Exchanges, offering our users a truly consolidated view of their positions. While our initial launch will feature Coinbase Prime data, we're committed to allowing users to link their accounts from a wide range of Prime account providers, ensuring a comprehensive view of their assets.

Mesh is an embedded finance startup enabling digital asset transfers, crypto payments, account aggregation, and trading within a unified platform. The secure API connects with over 300 major brokerages, centralised exchanges, and self-custody wallets. This partnership is a key step to simplifying account management for institutional users—eventually facilitating seamless asset transfers from exchanges directly to their MMI wallet with a one-click experience using the Mesh API.

Users can navigate to the accounts section within the Portfolio Dashboard and now, with a few clicks of a button, connect their Coinbase Prime accounts. The accounts will be added to the holdings Section of the Portfolio Dashboard, where accounts can be filtered or added to bundles. These accounts will also be Snapshot to ensure users get a truly holistic valuation of their holdings.

Over the next quarter, we'll add an extensive list of Centralised Exchanges to ensure the MMI Portfolio Dashboard shows its users everything. Our goal is to ensure our users have unrivalled access and are empowered to monitor, manage, control and report on all their web3 assets, and our partnership with Mesh is a step closer to reaching this goal.

Add your Prime account to the MMI Portfolio Dashboard, or contact us if you'd like a demo and to learn more.

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