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The Most Trusted DeFi Wallet and Web3 Gateway for Organizations

Access to the DeFi ecosystem with institutional controlsAccess to the DeFi ecosystem with institutional controls

Unrivaled DeFi access for cryptofunds, market makers, trading desks, and DAOs

Over the last 18 months, the Decentralized Finance—or DeFi—ecosystem grew by over 20x. It has attracted millions of users and many of the world’s leading organizations with yields that far outweigh those in traditional finance.

MetaMask Institutional is an institution-compliant version of the world’s most trusted DeFi wallet, MetaMask. We provide unrivaled access to DeFi and Web3 with institution-required security, operational efficiency, and compliance.

We simplify capital deployment into DeFi applications with six core services.

Why MetaMask Institutional?

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DeFi Protocols

Interact with over 17,000 DeFi protocols and applications

MetaMask serves over 30M monthly active users and is connected to almost every DeFi dapp. Trade, invest, stake, lend, borrow, provide liquidity, and bridge assets across EVM chains.

Leading Custody Solution Map

Work with leading custody and self-custody providers

MetaMask Institutional is the only multi-custodial institutional Web3 wallet. Integrate with your chosen custody or self-custody provider to help manage key storage, facilitate multi-signature transaction approvals, and optimize trade flows.

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Advanced DeFi Compliance

Run advanced DeFi compliance

Safely transact with pseudonymous counterparties with pre- and post-trade KYT risk assessment on smart contract addresses and DeFi pools.

  • Risk management
  • Risk assessment
  • KYT frameworks
  • Real-time reporting
Institutional Portfolio Dashboard

Monitor and report on your Web3 activities with our Portfolio Dashboard

Our DeFi and Web3-focused dashboard offers a consolidated view of your organization’s DeFi assets across EVM chains.

  • Streamlined investments and portfolio management
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting across 13 EVM chains
  • A canvas for extended DeFi features
NFT Tracking feature

Track your NFTs

View detailed metrics for NFTs held across different accounts and marketplaces.

  • NFT analytics
  • Asset provenance

Typical DeFi Investment Process

DeFi Investments with MetaMask Institutional

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Merge Report

How will the Merge impact
your DeFi and Web3 strategy?

MetaMask Institutional and the ConsenSys Cryptoeconomics Research team have compiled an insight report examining how the changes delivered by the Merge will impact institutions.

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Leverage insight from our Cryptoeconomic Research team to generate alpha

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