Bridge: easily move tokens across chains

MetaMask Portfolio’s Bridge feature helps you find cheap and fast routes.

by MetaMaskJuly 17, 2023
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MetaMask Portfolio’s bridge aggregator allows you to find cheap, fast, and convenient routes to move your tokens from one chain to another, instead of searching everywhere for the right bridge. Use the “Bridge” feature today to easily move your tokens from chain to chain without leaving the window!

Vetted providers

The Bridge is an aggregator that integrates directly with Socket and LI.FI to support a carefully curated set of bridge providers: Connext, Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge. We did extensive research on these third-party providers to find the most decentralized, accessible, and reliable bridges for you.

Multi-network support

MetaMask Portfolio supports bridging of up to $50,000 per transfer of ETH/WETH, common stablecoins (eg: DAI), and native gas tokens (eg: MATIC) across nine networks:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Arbitrum
  3. Optimism
  4. Binance Smart Chain
  5. Polygon
  6. Avalanche
  7. zkSync Era
  8. Linea
  9. Base

How to bridge in MetaMask Portfolio

To bridge your assets:

  1. Connect your MetaMask wallet to
  2. Click "Bridge" to get started
  3. Select the network you want to bridge your tokens from (example: Ethereum)
  4. Select the network you want to bridge your tokens to (example: Optimism)
  5. Select the token you want to bridge and enter the amount you want to send (example: 0.01 ETH) Note: the amount you will receive on the destination network is slightly lower after taking into account transaction fees.
  6. Select the recommended route presented to you or another option by selecting “Choose a different quote.”
  7. Select “Submit transaction” to confirm your bridge transaction in your MetaMask wallet.
  8. You’ll be able to keep track of your transfer with the “Bridging in progress” bar and view your assets on the new chain.

Success! 🦊

Bridging with confidence

Bridge allows you to hop from one chain to another with ease, helping to grow web3 and keep it interconnected.

Similar to how flight aggregators help you find the cheapest and/or fastest flight, bridging in MetaMask Portfolio helps you find the cheapest and/or fastest route so you know you’re getting a good deal. All in one dapp.

Ready to hop over? Learn more at

MetaMask Portfolio: track and manage your web3 everything

MetaMask Portfolio provides a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to accommodate your web3 needs and put you in control. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, and Stake, you’re covered. We’re constantly working on improving and evolving the dapp through meaningful updates. Click here to learn more about MetaMask Portfolio and its features.

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