MetaMask Launches Bridge Aggregator In Dapp To Easily Move Tokens Across Chains

MetaMask Bridges (beta) aggregates the best routes with time, cost, and security considerations for a better bridging experience.

by MetaMaskNovember 9, 2022
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Following September’s MetaMask Portfolio release, we’re excited to bring you our latest feature, MetaMask Bridges!

MetaMask Bridges is a bridge aggregator to help you find the best routes to move your tokens from one chain to another. Whether you’re being financially conscious or time efficient, you’ll find the best routing option in a few clicks. Simply click the “Portfolio site” link in your Extension’s home screen to get started, or head on over to in your MetaMask Mobile in-app browser.

Increased bridging activity over the past year has led to multiple bridge solutions to accommodate users hopping across chains. While this introduced a slew of routes, it also added a layer of uncertainty around which one to pick. Now, MetaMask curates this for you and takes the extra guesswork out of the equation.

Instead of having to find multiple bridges, you can just use MetaMask Bridges to source the best route depending on where you want to go and what you want to bring with you.

This beta version currently supports 1:1 bridging of up to $10,000 per transfer of ETH/WETH, common stablecoins (eg: DAI), and native gas tokens (eg: MATIC) across these EVM networks:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Avalanche
  3. Binance Smart Chain
  4. Polygon

Bridge providers are integrated in two layers: bridge aggregators and individual bridges.

We integrate directly with two bridge aggregators: Socket and LI.FI. These partners allow us to easily search routes from several bridges, as well as provide helpful utilities for a better user experience. Through Socket and LI.FI, we support a curated set of individual bridges vetted by our team, starting with these providers:

  1. Connext
  2. Hop
  3. Celer cBridge
  4. Polygon Bridge

You can learn more about our rationale behind bridge selection here.

The Best Route

Similar to how flight aggregators help you find the cheapest and/or fastest flight, MetaMask Bridges helps you find the cheapest and/or fastest route so you know you’re getting a good deal. All in one window, and all in MetaMask Portfolio.

Download MetaMask here.

You just select your desired starting network (where you’re bridging FROM), destination network (where you’re bridging TO), and the token you want to port over for a list of bridging options. You can then use the recommended route we present to you or compare all the routes we found by price and time estimates.

This beta period will include zero MetaMask fees and we are exploring support for more EVM networks like Arbitrum and Optimism along with additional tokens in the future.

Prioritizing Security

Just like you wouldn’t board an airplane that hasn’t been thoroughly inspected, you also wouldn’t want to move money across an unsafe bridge.

This past year—falling short of many a crypto enthusiast’s L222 expectations—has been rife with bridge exploits. Your crypto needs a secure way to travel. The security question is always, “How can the other side be convinced in a secure way to release the correct token amount to the correct person?” and we take that into consideration every time we select a bridge aggregator and individual bridges.

Our team is committed to deeply understanding the evolving bridging space to provide the most secure experience possible so you feel confident when using MetaMask Bridges.

Facilitating A Delightful Journey

Using MetaMask Portfolio not only allows you to view all your assets in one place, it’s a single dapp experience to bridge across commonly-frequented chains.

While connecting to the dapp only works for MetaMask users (downloading MetaMask is easy, free, and open to all), non-MetaMask users can still utilize Portfolio View by using the “watch any account” feature.

MetaMask Bridges aims to facilitate a smooth transition when you hop from one chain to another. The experience is frictionless, intuitive, and convenient. You don’t have to leave the dapp to get from Ethereum to Binance, you can hop over and view all your assets in the same place. Enjoy!

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