MetaMask offers fee-free USDC.e purchases on Linea

Learn all you need to know about the promotion and how to get started on Linea with MetaMask. Promotion only available for non-US users and running for a limited time while supplies last.

by MetaMaskAugust 17, 2023
MetaMask offers fee-free USDC.e purchases on Linea v2

You might have noticed a new network addition in your MetaMask wallet recently. Linea, the much anticipated zkEVM network is now live for cheap and fast transactions. Here at MetaMask, we’re enabling zero-fee purchases of USDC.e on Linea (where available through providers) to celebrate the launch! Note: USDC.e is USDC that’s been bridged from Ethereum.

Here’s all you need to know.

What is the promotion?

For two weeks, from August 17th to 30th—MetaMask users outside of the U.S. can enjoy zero-fee USDC.e purchases on Linea with our Banxa and Transak partners (where available).

That means you won’t have to pay gas or service provider fees when using MetaMask’s Buy crypto aggregator to load up your wallet with USDC.e on the L2 (layer 2) network.

Learn more about the promotion

Why are we offering it?

Linea is a new zkEVM network that delivers faster throughput and transaction fees much lower than Ethereum’s Mainnet. Layer 2 networks like Linea easily enable DeFi with cheap and fast transactions, making essential use cases like cross-border remittances accessible and realistic.

The MetaMask community is global, and buying and using crypto should be as well. Ever since launching our aggregator, we’ve been on a mission to partner with providers worldwide to welcome people to web3. Stablecoins make for a good entry point for those seeking to dabble in DeFi, or just send money easily to their loved ones abroad.

We’re excited to help build up Linea and provide more options for our community.

Who are we partnering with?

We’re partnering with Linea’s development partner Circle to enable support of USDC.e on Linea, as well as purchasing providers Banxa and Transak to directly fund your wallet with zero fees for a limited time.

How to buy USDC.e on Linea through MetaMask:

  1. Connect your MetaMask browser extension to If you’re on mobile, open the MetaMask app and then select the Linea network.
  2. Click “Buy” to get started
  3. Select your region and payment method
  4. Select USDC.e as the token and Linea as the network to purchase on. On mobile, simply select USDC.e.
  5. Enter the amount desired in fiat (example: $100 of USDC.e)
  6. All quotes from Banxa (maximum amount of $1,000 USD per user) and Transak will be presented. Select one to continue.
  7. You'll be securely redirected to their website to complete the purchase and funds will be deposited in your MetaMask account.

Success! 🦊

With MetaMask’s Buy crypto aggregator, you have a solution to directly fund your wallet in a couple of clicks, taking out unnecessary steps, delays, and complex transfer interfaces.

Access the Ethereum dapps you know, love, and use now on Linea.

Disclaimer: This offer ends when fee-waived amount reaches $5,000 in transaction fees waived by Transak and $50,000 in transaction fees waived by Banxa. This offer, where available, is for non-US users only. For full terms and conditions, please see here. Cryptoassets such as USDC are unregulated. Their value is variable, may go down, and may be entirely at risk.

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