Bridge: make you fit move your tokens from one chain to anoda easy easy

MetaMask Portfolio get dis "Bridge" thing wey dey help you find better deals wey dey cheap and fast.

by MetaMask17 Julai 2023
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[MetaMask Portfolio] ( get something wey dem dey call "bridge aggregator" wey go help you find cheap, fast and easy ways to send your tokens from one chain to anoda, instead of you yourself dey waka everywhere dey find the correct bridge. Make you use di “Bridge” thing today, e go help you move your tokens from one chain to anoda, no need to dey jump up and down, everything dey inside one place!

Sellers wey dem approve

The Bridge na ogbonge marketplace wey e connect straight with Socket and LI.FI so you fit use different people wey dey do bridge service: Connext, Hop, Celer cBridge, and Polygon Bridge. We do plenty research for these other people wey dey offer services wey you fit find the best and most reliable oga at hand wey no dey under one boss, wey everybody fit use send blockchain from one place to di oda.

Support for plenty networks

MetaMask Portfolio fit move up to $50,000 worth of things each time for these kain kain digital money: ETH/WETH, popular stablecoins (like DAI), and the special tokens wey different networks dey use for gas (like MATIC). E fit do this for nine different networks:

  1. Ethereum
  2. Arbitrum
  3. Optimism
  4. Binance Smart Chain
  5. Polygon
  6. Avalanche
  7. zkSync Era
  8. Linea
  9. Base

How you fit move ya assets from one blockchain to di oda for MetaMask Portfolio

To move your assets from one blockchain to di oda:

  1. Connect ya MetaMask wallet to
  2. Press "Bridge" to start am
  3. Pick the network wey you wan send your coins from (for example: Ethereum)
  4. Pick the network wey you wan send your coins to (for example: Optimism)
  5. Select the token wey you wan bridge and put di amount wey you wan send (example: 0.01 ETH) Note: di amount wey you go receive for di network wey di money dey go go small afta dem don commot transaction fees.
  6. Pick the way wey we suggest or choose anoda one by picking "Choose anoda price."
  7. Pick "Submit transaction" for your MetaMask wallet to show say you sure about sending your stuff across chains.
  8. You go fit see how your transfer dey go with the bar wey dey show "Bridging in progress" and you go fit see your assets for the new chain.

Success! 🦊

No shaking, when you dey move ya assets

Bridge na like road wey dey connect different blockchains, e make am easy to move your things from one blockchain to anoda. This thing dey help web3 grow and make everything still dey link together.

You go fit track your transfer just like how person wey dey find cheap flights go use apps to compare prices, MetaMask Portfolio go help you find the best way to move your crypto - the cheapest or fastest route. So you know say you dey get good deal. Dapp wey fit do everything.

You ready to take di leap? Sabi plenti for

MetaMask Portfolio: Carry eye see and watch over all your web3 kain kain things

*MetaMask Portfolio na ogbonge platform wey dey easy to use and get all your web3 things for one place, e go help you control everything yourself. Through Dashboard, Buy, Swap, Bridge, Stake, you dey safe. We dey always work hard to make the dapp better and better with updates wey go make sense. Press hia to sabi plenti wey concern MetaMask Portfolio and de tings wey dey inside. *

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