MetaMask Inst Vertical

Using MetaMask Institutional

Organizations can use MetaMask Institutional through the browser extension, the portfolio dashboard, or programmatically to access Web3.

Use MMI for browser

Use MetaMask Institutional
on Your Browser

Connect to all of Web3. The MetaMask Institutional browser extension offers all the essential MMI features, including unrivaled ecosystem access, and cryptocurrency swaps.

Why Funds love MetaMask Institutional

Use MetaMask
Institutional through Your
Portfolio Dashboard

Examine a consolidated view of your organization’s DeFi assets across all EVM chains.

Unlock more powerful features for portfolio management, including monitoring, reporting, and soon—DeFi-native functions such as swaps and bridging.

Use MMI Programmatically

Use MetaMask Institutional

Connect to Web3 through your organization’s own APIs.

Create transactions programmatically. Produce scripts to complete complex execution strategies on various DeFi protocols. Build, customize and automate scripts to speed up transaction crafting, confirmation, and signing.