MetaMask Institutional x Fireblocks

The leading web3 wallet for organizations partners with the #1 digital asset management platform. With this integration, Fireblocks clients get unrivaled web3 ecosystem access alongside the best in blockchain security and key management.

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Get unrivaled web3 access

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) is an institution-compliant version of the world’s leading web3 wallet, MetaMask. Organizations trust us to manage their web3 access and engagement with institution-required security and operational efficiency.

See how organizations execute web3 transactions using MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks.

DeFi Protocols


Interact with over 17,000 web3 protocols and applications

MetaMask serves over 30M monthly active users and is connected to almost every web3 dapp

  • Trade at the frontier of the web3 ecosystem
  • Trade, invest, stake, lend, borrow, provide liquidity, and bridge assets across all EVM chains
Institutional Controls Full


Manage institutional controls

Unlock an organization-wide web3 experience and carefully manage how your team engages

  • Team Management: Create an organization, add members, and automate onboarding.
  • Institutional Web3 Experience: See organization-wide portfolio views and transact as a team.
  • Advanced Compliance: Safely transact with pseudonymous counterparties with pre- and post-trade KYT risk assessment on smart contract addresses and DeFi pools.
Digital Asset Monitoring Full


Monitor digital assets with P&L and performance attribution

Streamline portfolio monitoring with a consolidated view of your organisation’s web3 assets

  • Web3 Focus: Monitor your organization’s web3 assets across all EVM chains. See a breakdown of your organization’s portfolio, including digital asset holdings, sector allocation, protocol allocation, performance, and historical transactions.
  • Performance Attribution: See performance and P&L attribution for all ERC-20 tokens and 10 of the largest DeFi protocols—Something only offered by MMI.
  • NFT Tracking: View detailed metrics for NFTs held across different custodians, wallets, accounts, and marketplaces.


Enhance your web3 portfolio management

Transact natively within the MMI Portfolio Dashboard

  • Swap: Swap crypto across multiple DEXs. We aggregate liquidity data so you can identify the best price quote with optimal gas prices, and transact with the lowest failure rates.
  • Stake: Stake ETH to earn rewards for securing the Ethereum network. We simplify vendor selection with an institutional staking marketplace that offers standardized T&Cs, comprehensive reporting templates, and a one-click staking experience.
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Execute web3 transactions with MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks

See a video walkthrough of how to connect MMI to Fireblocks, and how to initiate, confirm, and approve a web3 transaction.

Get access to the integration