NFT Tracking

View detailed metrics for NFTs held across different accounts and marketplaces.

NFT Hero

All your NFTs on one dashboard

When engaging with NFTs, organizations may rely on multiple custodians and use multiple accounts to trade or hold NFTs across several marketplaces. MetaMask Institutional (MMI) eliminates this fragmented structure by consolidating your entire NFT portfolio in one place.

With NFT views, MetaMask Institutional (MMI) users gain access to the complete data suite of digital assets—consisting of individual tokens, DeFi pool balances, and NFTs across all EVM chains.

NFT Key Features

NFT Analytics

Value and monitor the performance of your NFTs across all custodians, accounts, and marketplaces. View price and transaction metrics related to the specific NFT and its series collection including volume, sales, total supply, and number of owners. Valuations are reported based on the average sales and floor price.

Asset Provenance

Track the full provenance of an NFT from original mint to secondary transfers. View and download a full summary of an NFT’s related transaction history (including associated fees) for audit and reporting purposes.

Watch MetaMask Institutional Global Product Lead, Johann Bornman, introduce MMI's new NFT feature.