ConsenSys and StarkWare Partner to Bring ZK-Rollups to Infura and MetaMask

ConsenSys and StarkWare are bringing ZK-rollups to MetaMask and Infura to give developers more network options for a multi-chain future.

by MetaMaskJune 29, 2022
Metamask StarkWare

ConsenSys is excited to announce a partnership with StarkWare, a blockchain software company focused on ZK-rollup solutions like the StarkNet Layer 2 Validity-Rollup, giving developers and users more options to be part of building a multi-chain future. As part of this partnership, MetaMask, Web3’s most used decentralized wallet, and Infura, the number one platform for blockchain infrastructure, have integrated StarkNet. 

StarkNet is a permissionless decentralized ZK-rollup. The network operates as an L2 network on top of Ethereum that enables dapps to achieve scalability for their computational needs without compromising Ethereum's composability and security.

MetaMask has created a StarkNet snap (only available in MetaMask Flask) for developers to build on the network, while Infura is offering a private beta for developers to experience the power of the Infura network on StarkNet. 

Infura now supports StarkNet

Infura has added StarkNet to the Infura platform for faster and cheaper transactions in the Ethereum ecosystem and to ensure developers have choices for the networks they prefer for their projects.The benefits developers can expect from building with StarkNet on Infura include:

  • Scalability and low fees: Features like transaction aggregation enable efficient scalability and reduced gas costs. 
  • Security: Verification of STARK proofs securing dapp transactions take place on the Ethereum mainnet.
  • Speed: StarkNet provides fast finality.
  • Self-custody: StarkNet is non-custodial, involving none of the cost, risks and effort involved in maintaining a traditional custodial system.
  • Easier builds and better end-user experience: General-purpose smart contracts promote the deployment of any business logic and the network’s interoperable nature gives end-users a seamless experience.

Developers can now access the StarkNet network via Infura API endpoints with support for all RPC methods. This means developers can implement their business logic of choice in a smart contract, and deploy it permissionlessly on StarkNet.

"Infura is one of the world's leading blockchain development suite. As such, StarkNet - the leading validity L2 on Ethereum, sees strategic importance in providing the growing ecosystem of StarkNet access to the best toolset for querying and analyzing the state of StarkNet. This is an incredibly significant step forward for StarkNet." - Eli Ben-Sasson, Co-Founder and President at StarkWare

Right now, Infura is making StarkNet available to a small group of users through their private beta. To register your interest, sign up to the waitlist here.

MetaMask Snaps enables ZK-rollup support 

MetaMask is the most widely used self-custodial wallet in the ecosystem. With more than 17,000 dapps choosing it as their preferred method for users to connect, MetaMask is the key to connect to Web3. With such a committed developer community and so much desire for innovation, MetaMask created and released a system that allows any developer to build, permissionlessly, on top of the product: MetaMask Snaps.

MetaMask Snaps provides a way for developers to expand the capabilities of MetaMask and enable new functionality for dapps; for example, connecting to a non-EVM network like StarkNet, and a myriad of other uses. 

Snaps are currently only available in the development build—MetaMask Flask—which developers will need to install in their browser to interact with the integration. Please note that MetaMask Flask should be installed in a separate browser profile from MetaMask stable. 

Until now, StarkNet hasn’t been directly compatible with MetaMask due to its use of a different address and account format than Ethereum. In other words: not EVM compatible. This Layer 2 snap is the first of its kind to enable ZK-rollup support, giving users wider access to permissionless decentralized networks for fast, low-cost applications.

The StarkNet snap derives StarkNet keys from your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase, allowing you to manage assets on StarkNet. Without having to create another account, you can simply use the StarkNet snap to facilitate: 

  • Deploying StarkNet accounts
  • Making transactions on StarkNet
  • Interacting with StarkNet smart contracts

If you’re a developer and want to get started, make sure you have MetaMask Flask installed and then install the StarkNet snap here.  Learn more about installing and using the Starknet snap in our guide

Please note that StarkNet is still in alpha and you may experience service interruptions. Use at your own risk. 

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