How to find and claim airdrops and NFTs easily with MetaMask Portfolio

The new Daylight integration allows you to tap into existing and potential claimables based on your onchain identity.

by Megan DiasApril 9, 2024

It’s airdrop season somewhere. 🪂

Our newest integration with Daylight API allows you to find and claim airdrops and NFTs easily on the “Explore” page in MetaMask Portfolio.

Your favorite dapp decentralized and dropped a token? Don’t remember if you missed out on any that are still valid? Check “Eligible Airdrops” to find out!


Find relevant NFTs tailored to your interests

Daylight API uses a variety of social factors to suggest unique NFT recommendations just for you:

  • You are on the allowlist
  • You hold the required token
  • You hold a related token
  • Made by a creator you have minted from before
  • Minted by someone you follow on Farcaster
  • Completed by an influencer
  • Trending among holders of a popular NFT collection
  • Made by a popular creator
  • Trending onchain

Simply click on each card to learn more and mint if you so please. 🖼️

Multi-chain airdrop and NFT claims

You can check your eligibility across the following networks:

  • Ethereum
  • Optimism
  • Arbitrum
  • Base
  • Zora
  • Polygon

One place to claim ‘em all!

It can be hard to keep track of all your onchain reapings and hottest NFT collection. Thankfully, web3 helps us build an identity and social graph that we can leverage to find existing airdrops and new NFTs!

If you’re in the mood to add to your collection but unsure where to start, head over to “Eligible Airdrops” and “Trending NFT mints” in the Explore page to browse.

Enjoy! 🪂 🖼️

Daylight is a Third Party Service as defined in our Terms of Use. Your use of Daylight is governed by separate terms and conditions provided by Daylight. Consensys does not recommend the minting of any particular token by any particular person. You access, rely upon or use the Third Party Service at your own risk. Consensys disclaims all responsibility and liability for any losses on account of your use of the Third Party Service.

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