The way wey dey trusted pass to see, keep and change your tokens

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Unlike other crypto wallets wey dey out there, MetaMask dey designed to put your privacy first. We dey give you power to reach, keep and swap tokens, without any wahala for those dapps and exchanges wey wan collect more personal information pass wetin you agree to give them. Weda you dey participate for finance wey nor get one boss, or dey surf Web 3.0, with MetaMask, you dey always get complete control of your info.


Find better price every time

Swaps dey make sure say you see plenty different tokens and better prices, e go find price from many different markets and people wey dey sell them for one place. Dem add service charge of 0.875% to each quote, wey go help improve MetaMask for better, make am more sweet.

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Gas price don come down

We follow another way to get better deals. Every way wey you go take do the transaction go get different gas money wey e go cost. Swaps dey find better prices and check which place dey provide liquidity dey use less gas for every trade.

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No need for plenty approval

Wit Swaps, you no need give permission many times for each token, you only do am once and you go fit reach all the available money for trading for DeFi; this way, e go take small time and less money for gas.

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Protection from price change

If you wan swap big amount, price fit change sharp sharp if dey no get enough money for dat particular place wey dey do swap (DEX). When you dey exchange something for MetaMask, e dey share your order for many many different platforms wey them dey exchange crypto (DEXs), to make sure say di price wey you go buy am no go change too much.

Get the best price

Get better prices from
di best places wey dey provide plenty liquidity.

Find swaps wey dey around...

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