MetaMask Institutional Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions


How does MetaMask Institutional (MMI) differ from MetaMask?
Which networks does MetaMask Institutional support?
Which tokens does MetaMask Institutional support?
Is there a minimum AUM requirement to use MetaMask Institutional?
How do I get started with MetaMask Institutional?
Which custodians is MetaMask Institutional integrated with today?
Can I use MetaMask Institutional without working with a custodian?
Does MetaMask Institutional work with DAOs?
How much does MetaMask Institutional cost?
How long does it take to onboard from start to finish?
How do I connect my custodian account?
How does MetaMask Institutional work with my fund administrator, auditor, and tax consultant?
Does MetaMask Institutional do any PnL calculations especially for DeFi positions?
How does Swaps in MetaMask Institutional differ from UniSwap or 1Inch?

Managing my Digital Assets

Can multiple users transact on the same wallet?
How are my transactions sent to Mainnet?
How do I receive transaction status updates from MMI?
Will all my token holdings in my custody account be reflected within my MetaMask Institutional wallet?
Will all my token holdings in my custody account be reflected within my MetaMask wallet?
Does MetaMask Institutional provide any insurance coverage in the case of private keys being compromised or hacked?
Who can I contact if I experience any issues?

Subscription Service and Billing

How is the average monthly valuation of assets in MetaMask Institutional wallets determined?
What don’t we charge for?
When will this subscription be effective?
How long is this subscription for?
How can I cancel my subscription?
When will I be billed?
In what currency will I be charged?
Where can I view my monthly AUD?
What functionalities do your APIs offer?
What is the pricing for your API services?
Is it possible to exceed my quota limit on API requests?
How and when am I billed for the API usage?