Onboarding Guide

Fireblocks Early Access

How do I get started with early access to the MetaMask Institutional and Fireblocks integration?
Will all early access users receive the special conditions mentioned in the Fireblocks invitation?
How will using MMI differ from using other Fireblocks wallet offerings?
How do I connect my Fireblocks wallets to MMI?
How do I invite users to my organization?


How does MetaMask Institutional (MMI) differ from MetaMask?
Which networks does MMI support?
Which tokens does MMI Support?
Is there a minimum AUM requirement to use MMI?
How do I get started?
Does MMI work with DAOs?
How much does MMI cost?
How long does it take to onboard from start to finish?
How do I connect my custodian account?
How does MMI work with my fund administrator, auditor, and tax consultant?
Does MMI do any P&L calculations especially for DeFi positions?
How does Swaps in MMI differ from UniSwap or 1Inch?

Managing my Digital Assets

Can multiple users transact on the same wallet?
Can I access positions across multiple custodians on the same MMI platform?
How are my transactions sent to Mainnet?
How do I receive transaction status updates from MMI?
Will all my token holdings in my custody account be reflected within my MMI wallet?
Does MetaMask Institutional provide any insurance coverage in the case of private keys being compromised or hacked?
Who can I contact if I experience any issues?