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Manage your entire NFT portfolio from one dashboard

Recently, we’ve seen massive institutional NFT adoption. Billions of dollars are going into collectibles, art, gaming, esports, and the metaverse—as organizations explore new ways to engage their communities.

However, institutional user experiences are fragmented. Organizations may rely on multiple custodians and use multiple accounts to trade or hold NFTs across several networks and marketplaces.

MetaMask Institutional (MMI) eliminates this fragmented structure by consolidating your entire NFT portfolio in one place. With NFT views, MMI users gain access to the complete data suite of digital assets—consisting of individual tokens, DeFi pool balances, and NFTs across all EVM chains.

Watch MetaMask Institutional Global Product Lead, Johann Bornman, introduce MMI's NFT feature.

DeFi Protocols

Interact with over 17,000 web3 protocols and applications

MetaMask serves over 30M monthly active users and is connected to almost every web3 dapp. Trade, invest, stake, lend, borrow, provide liquidity, and bridge assets across EVM chains.

Why Funds love MetaMask Institutional

Why TradTech organizations love MetaMask Institutional

All of MetaMask
Use MMI to gain access to all of Web3
Multi-chain Access
Bridge assets and trade across EVM chains and L2s
Custody Options
Work with one of our top-tier custody and self-custody partners to manage key storage, facilitate multi-signature transaction approvals, and optimize trade flows
Holistic monitoring
Get a consolidated view of all assets across 13 EVM chains on the Portfolio Dashboard
Detailed transaction reporting
View your transaction history, get snapshots of weekly, monthly and quarterly valuations, provide read-only access and CSV downloads to your treasury portfolio valuation, and input reference notes for each transaction

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